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Univa Aromatics offers a full spectrum of fragrance compounds for consumer goods such as fine fragrances, deodorants, antiperspirants, cosmetics and personal care products for the skin, face and hair.

Our fragrances also have broad applications in household products such as air fresheners, detergents and dishwashing products, soaps, shampoos, joss sticks and pesticides.

We welcome the chance to learn your specific needs. At our application laboratory in Singapore, we provide the expertise and equipment to develop fragrant blends that deliver the right scents and sensation to your products.


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Fragrance Wheel

One effective way of classifying fragrances uses four categories of scents: floral, fresh, woody and oriental. Each family has a characteristic set of notes: the aroma of springtime and fields of new blooms; the zesty bite of citrus fruit and fresh waters; the earthy richness of moss and wood; and an exotic blend of sweet and spice. In the middle are fougère or fern-like scents that incorporate elements from each of the other four fragrance families.



Aromatic Fougère

Floral Fresh-Cut Flowers
Soft Floral Aldehydes, Powder Notes
Floral Oriental Orange Flowers, Sweet Spices
Soft Oriental Incense, Amber
Oriental Oriental Resins, Musks & Vanilla
Woody Oriental Patchouli, Sandalwood
Mossy Woods Oakmoss, Citrus
Dry Woods Dry Woods, Leather
Citrus Bergamot, Citrus Oils
Green Green Leaves, Grass
Water Marine and Aquatic Notes

Univa Aromatics believes in the value of good scents that can win over the hearts of your buyers.