Univa Aromatics Pte Ltd


Success in the fast-changing food and beverage industry comes with the ability to launch new flavours to capture market share and respond quickly to new trends in consumer preferences.

We share your goal of delivering products that stand out above the competition and win over the loyalty of discerning buyers. Our long-standing expertise in food and beverage applications includes customised flavour blends for beverages, confectionery, baked goods, savoury goods, seasonings and dairy products.

Whatever your application, we seek to develop a solution that captures your vision and delight the tastebuds of your customers.

Savoury Foods

Savoury Foods

Consumers love and crave the complex sensations and compelling mouthfeel of foods with an optimum blend of savoury and umami flavours.

Food companies can capture this demand by using our flavour compounds designed for savoury products such as sauces, condiments, snacks, instant noodles, processed meats and seafood. We offer a choice of nature identical and artificial flavourings as well as halal-certified ingredients.


Confectionery &
Baked Goods

The rich textures and sweet notes of fresh confections and baked products should offer a mouth-watering experience that is memorable and draws buyers back for more.

Univa Aromatics has a wide-ranging selection of flavourings that include classics such as sarsaparilla, coffee and coconut to exotic fruits and extracts that convey your desired sweet, sour and dairy notes.



From evergreen favourites to new age drinks and fancy novelties, our beverage flavouring solutions address the many layers and rapid life-cycles of this market that is always on the move.

With little room and time for error, we provide the assurance that your products will taste great from shelf to sip through rigorous testing and fine-tuning at our product application laboratory.


Seasoning (powders)

A special strength of our company, Univa Aromatics offers seasonings that add distinctive flavours and lasting impressions to a host of products including soups, sauces, gravies, marinades, noodles, snacks, meat-based products and even vegetarian foods.

We have both ready-to-use blends as well as the means to customise formulas for your precise needs.


A Natural Sugar Replacer

A natural and low-calorie substitute for sugar produced from beet roots, isomalt does not contribute to tooth decay, adds bulk and texture to food and lacks the unpleasant note of artificial sweeteners.

This sweetener is suitable for baked goods as well as hard, soft and chocolate confectioneries marketed at consumers concerned with dental health and weight management.


The Essence Of Spice

Oleoresins are highly concentrated extracts of natural spices such as capsicum and pepper that can be used to flavour and colour various food products.

We are happy to share with customers the special properties of our natural oleoresins and how you can use them in your products to add a strong note of difference to their taste and look.

Univa Aromatics offers the services of our application laboratory in Singapore, where our skilled food technologists produce prototypes to help you choose the flavour blend that best suits your needs in palatability, pricing and market positioning.