Univa Aromatics Pte Ltd

Searching for a simpler solution for your flavour and fragrance needs?

Univa Aromatics understands that every product has a unique set of requirements – from its desired shelf life and mouthfeel to the sensory impact your customers enjoy when they first open the package.

We share your desire for a solution tailored to fit your processes and serve your market. It’s a partnership backed by more than 20 years of experience in creating and crafting innovative flavours and fragrances for applications ranging from beverages, confectionery and seasonings to cosmetics, personal care and household products.

Univa Aromatics gives you the assurance of international quality and safety standards. Our production facilities are certified to meet HACCP requirements by SAC and ISO 9001: 2008 demands by UKAS.

Choose a supplier who will make your search simpler. Choose Univa Aromatics.

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Serving the region from Asia Pacific region to the Middle East, Univa Aromatics aims to work closely with every client to find the right blend that meets the needs of your brand.